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Free Hot Lunch!  Big Top Chatauqua
July 1, 2004 - - Bayfield, Wisconsin

It was a beautiful night on the shore of Lake Superior.  We closed out our 2004 WAHA Reunion Tour at Big Top Chatauqua, just a few miles south of Bayfield at the northern tip of Wisconsin.

Thanks for making this a wonderful tour for all of us!

If you have a speedy Internet connection, you may be able to view these video clips from the show, sent to us by friends in Brown Deer, Wisconsin: 

All Over Now (1) All Over Now (2) African Honeymoon (Intro) African Honeymoon
Baby I Need You Come A Little Bit Closer (1) Come A Little Bit Closer (2) I'll Do Alright
Meet Me Incognito (1) Meet Me Incognito (2) Jeff Laramie speaks Intro to Lingerie
Mambo Man Intro (1) Mambo Man Intro (2) Mambo Man Intro (3) Mambo Man
Oreos Money Tree Penguin Love Reiba's Cantina
Ring Around The Moon Sex In A Volcano Tequila Sheila Nebraska
Sidewalks on Parade (1) Sidewalks on Parade (2) Good Night!  
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