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Free Hot Lunch!  Florida 2005
November 4 & 5, 2005 - -
Fort Myers Beach, Florida
Everyone had a great time on Fort Myers Beach!  100 of our closest friends joined us for two nights at the Dockside Sports Pub, and not a hurricane in site!  The boys started out with a couple of old favorites, and things just went downhill from there....
Everyone showed up ready to party...
Just for fun, try matching the feet to the band member.

Even the bar staff got into the spirit.
And the band just kept on playing.
Thanks to our wonderful wives for keeping their sense of humor.
And yes, tequila was served. And served. And served again.
Many thanks to Sherrie Buzby for the great photographs and to Mike Schaefer for recording both nights!
And don't forget to buy those great Free Hot Lunch CD's
and John Corning's new CD, I Forgot What I Was Drinking To Forget
here at the WAHA Surf Shop!
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